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How to make better use of project data

February 24, 2021

As with many new digital technologies, the terminology surrounding project data analytics can be confusing or off-putting to busy project professionals. However, as we discover in this episode, the potential of project data analytics is huge – and there are several ways you, as a project professional, can begin to harness the practical benefits today.

So what are some of these benefits? And how can you begin to develop better project data discipline within your organisation? To find out more about the opportunities and pitfalls, Project journal’s online editor Mike Hine spoke to a series of experts from across industry, academia and beyond:

  • Naomi Brookes, professor of complex programme management at WMG University of Warwick
  • Oliver Cowey, project controls manager, and Samir Patel, head of data, Office of the Chief Information Officer, at BAE Systems
  • John McGlynn, project delivery director for Atkins
  • Martin Paver, chief executive of Projecting Success

Further reading: apm.org.uk; projectdataanalytics.uk

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