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Your salary and future prospects revealed

April 1, 2021

In this episode, hosted by Project journal’s online editor Mike Hine, we discuss salaries and market trends within the project profession.

It’s been an enormously challenging 12 months for every sector of the economy. Project professionals felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from day one, with plans, teams and working practices suddenly thrown into disarray. Project and programme managers have risen to the challenge of the past 12 months by not only keeping existing work on track, but also spearheading crucial efforts to fight back against the pandemic and get the economy moving.

But despite the rising profile the project profession is enjoying, the last year has taken its toll. Indeed, COVID-19 permeates the findings of this year’s Salary and Market Trends Survey from APM, carried out in association with YouGov, which canvassed the views of over 2,500 project professionals in November 2020.

This episode delves into the findings and analysis in the survey in more detail, with a focus on salary, job satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, economic confidence and more. Thanks to the following interviewees for their contribution:

  • Dayner Proudfoot, APM head of brand and communications
  • Debbie Lewis, chair of the board of trustees for APM, and director of strategic architecture programmes at BT
  • David Thomson, head of external affairs at APM

The Salary and Market Trends Survey 2021 is available to download in full now at www.apm.org.uk/salary-survey-2021

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